Free Skull Photos for Reference or Tracing Etc.
This site is a resource site specifically cenetered around skull images. They're intended for tattoo artists and any artist looking for skull images at the perfect angle, for tracing or for reference. The photos are 22"x16.5". Just download the images you want, open them in Photoshop and use the Unsharp Mask tool to sharpen them etc. As they stand they are good for printing out and tracing on a light table or light board.

Deer SkullMuskrat SkullCoyote SkullBobcat Skull]Beaver SkullMoose SkullReal Human SkullRam SkullBlack Bear Skull
I work as an illustrator and I like drawing skulls, so I have purchased a few plastic and resin skulls on Ebay and mounted them on Articulated Desk Lamp Bases (the heavier the base, the better). I stand them on the table when I'm drawing. It's great because you can simply grab the skull and tilt it to any angle you want.

After building these, I took a bunch of photos, and then figured I'd share those photos with other artists. Why not? If we all helped each other and shared our techniques, then there would be even more great art out there... and in the world of tattoos, that's a really good thing.

Click on these images below to see slightly larger versions.

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So, share this site. It's free. And if you'd like to contribute your own photos, that would be excellent too.
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